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Joan McCusker has won numerous awards as a member of the Sandra Schmirler Curling Team, including three Canadian and World Women's Curling Championships, an Olympic Gold medal at the 1998 Nagano Games, and four All-Star Team Second honours at the Canadian Curling Championships. Joan, who is now a Curling Commentatorfor CBC Sports, graduated from the University of Saskatchewan in 1987 with a Bachelor of Education. She was an elementary school teacher until 1998 when she decided to focus her time and energy on being a mom, a high performance consultant and a motivational speaker. Joan and her husband, Brian live in Regina with their three children, Rory (20), Christina (16) and Shae (12). Joan's presentations focus on the impact of a person's attitude on their lives, and how ordinary people can do extraordinary things.



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Joan is always looking for ways to encourage women in sports and in high performance settings.  Her goal is to encourage women to stick with their goals and dreams.


Joan believes that understanding the role of emotion in performance and strengthening mental toughness strategies are essential components to a woman's success in any discipline.


For coaches and players, it is very important to know the differences between men's and women's team sports. Joan can help coaches build awareness of these differences and shape a style that is more effective in coaching women's groups.  


Joan loves to teach the components of teamwork, the principles of high performance, mental toughness and many other topics!  Customizing presentations to fit audience needs is a goal for every presentation that Joan makes.


Please inquire if these are areas of interest to you or your group.



Upcoming Events:


September 15, 2012:  Canadian Dental Association and Oral Health Professionals Conference, Saskatoon, SK


September 25, 2012:  Chartered Management Accountants Leadership Luncheon, Regina, SK


October 11 , 2012:  Gold Medal Plates Dinner, Regina, SK


November 6, 2012:  Saskatchewan Crop Insurance All Staff Conference, Regina, SK


November 17, 2012:  Banquet Speaker, Foam Lake, SK





"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much."  Helen Keller