Motivational Speaker: Possible Speaking Topics

All presentations have the option of including:

- Olympic Gold Medal Display
- Olympic Jacket Fashion Show
- 1998 Olympic Gold Slide Show

Characteristics of Successful People

This is my most requested speech. After years of travelling the world with competitive curling, Joan shares her observations on common characteristics of successful people. The message is clear and the presentation is light and often humorous.

Ordinary People Do Extraordinary Things - Many “famous” people are very ordinary. They do extraordinary things because of their work ethic, commitment to goals, attitude, use of team, etc.


Building Successful Teams

How can we apply sports psychology to the workplace, our communities, our relationships, our lives?? The answer lies in the development of a team perspective. Who is on my side? How can we work better together? Joan develops the principles of successful teams as well as the pitfalls of dysfunctional teams.


Leadership Excellence

What does good leadership look like? Joan shows the qualities of great people who find themselves leading.


Winning Attitudes

In business, in sport, in life, attitude is everything! Joan gives her interpretation of Dr. Dennis Waitley’s Olympic Attitude Rings. Many examples are drawn from Joan’s experiences as an athlete, teacher and mom.


Preparing to Win - Athletes in Training

This is an athlete/coach/performer specific speech. Joan breaks down the ideal performance into preparation, performance and post performance areas.


Curling Tales - Sports Banquets

This category includes celebrity sports dinners or entertainment only type events. Joan relates humorous stories about her team and individual experiences that were had while chasing curling



High Performance Consulting – What does high performance look like?

Joan facilitates dialogue and makes group presentations on the pursuit of excellence.



Fees: There is definitely a range of presentation fees depending on the event, location, length, audience, etc. Presentation fees range from $4000 to $8,000 plus GST. All additional expenses (airfare, mileage, hotel) would be added to this fee.


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