Speaking Testimonials and References



"Very interactive and engaging;"
"Funny-loved the jokes:"
"Sharing the gold medal with us was a nice touch-very cool!;"
"Awesome job, very good!"

"Best conference speaker EVER!"

"Excellent speaker, enjoyed the humour and mingling with everyone."

"Can't say enough about what a great speaker she is and so gracious with her Olympics prizes.  Really got her message across."

"Top notch - loved her!  She was tremendous - great calibre of speaker!"

"Joan is an excellent motivational speaker.  She holds ones' attention from start to finish, and leaves you wishing there was more."

"Amazing speaker - thoroughly enjoyed her.  What a smile she has!"


The message you delivered was one of hope and motivation – ideal for our agricultural audience in these times.  You were able to connect with everyone in the room (all 900 of them) and I am certain they all felt like you were talking directly to them. Your antecdotes were insightful and often hilarious!  I think they also greatly enjoyed it.  We would love to have you come back again!  I think the ultimate measure of the success of your presentation was the fact that our 900 person audience gave you a standing ovation at the conclusion – the first ovation we have had at this event in the past 10 years!!!!


I have been going to these things for 16 years and you are the only one who has received a standing ovation!

You ended our conference on a super high note, which is exactly what I wanted for our group. Nurses struggle every day with burn out and stressors that the public has no concept of. You were able to make them laugh and forget it all.



Joan uses herself as an example of personal growth from small town Saskatchewan to becoming an Olympic champion. Her presentation was fast paced, humourous and uses many anecdotes of life as an Olympian. Her presentation was followed by a lively question and answer session that she handled extremely well.


Audience evaluation of her talk indicated 90% felt it exceeded their expectations with comments such as “excellent choice, wow! Awesome, and Fantastic”.



Joan connected to our group immediately with her humour and life stories. She is a high-energy speaker that keeps the crowd very interested. You do not have to know much about curling to appreciate her “curling stories”. They are universal to human nature. We were given an insight into the fame of a small town girl and we saw the Olympic experience from her perspective.

The goal of any effective keynote speaker is first and foremost to entertain and secondly to motivate the crowd to get thinking differently about the topic and their connection to it. Since Joan’s speech, our staff has made subtle changes. We now have teachers writing humorous sayings or jokes on the white board. We have repeated parts of the speech to each other as reminders of what we learned.
Teachers are a hard group to speak to because we are in public speaking every day. We entertain, tell jokes, and try to motivate our audience. Joan McCusker received a standing ovation from our teachers and it was well deserved. She is a professional speaker in every way and has honed her speech so it has the highest value to her audience. She is a no nonsense woman with a “straight to the point” attitude.

It is the feeling of this committee that Joan is capable of connecting to any audience because she understands human nature and the hopes and dreams of people. She made us feel good about what we do in this world, but more importantly she made us feel important about who we are in this world.

We would be honoured to hear Joan speak again and it would be different the next time. She incorporates her daily life into her presentation almost immediately. She is an awesome keynote and if you are looking for the best presentation around, look no further that Joan McCusker.



In the realm of motivational speakers, Joan McCusker is a standout.


The art of motivational speaking is a fine and delicate balance which includes elements of personality, content, humour, and human interest. Joan McCusker has achieved that balance in a superlative manner.


Her presentations are entertaining, down to earth, and content-orientated. Joan’s approach is to have a relaxed and informative conversation with her audience. Her underlying theme is the importance of maintaining a positive “can do” attitude to life which she delivers with energy and enthusiasm.


Joan is able to achieve instant rapport with her audience. They identify with her, empathize with her, and laugh with her. The following comments are representative of audience reaction to her presentations: “I felt she was speaking only to me.”, “I would listen to her again anytime.”, “I laughed so hard my sides hurt for two days.”, “Her remarks really touched my heart.”, “I would like to have her as my friend.”.


Any group that has the good fortune to have Joan McCusker speak to them will have their spirits raised and their batteries charged.


Teacher Comments:


"Enjoyed her very much.  Definitely an inspiration that ordinary people CAN DO extraordinary things. "

"Very inspiring with lots of simple strategies you can use in many different life aspects...personal, professional, coaching, family, teams."

"Encouraging our staff to work as a team.  SO important!  Great messages about life.  Her second "session" was very good for giving new coaching strategies/principles."

"She was SO inspiring...I wouldn't have missed her."


"A simple message of communication and teamwork….two ideals which can get lost in our own little worlds (classrooms). We need to embrace these two concepts to better support our team and our goals. It was a timely and well done presentation. Thought and care to detail were evident!"


"Very entertaining yet she had a positive message! It was nice that she was a teacher and could relate to the rewords and challenges of the profession."

"I truly enjoyed her presentation. Her style of humour is almost comforting. The messages delivered were clear and relevant to teachers. Way to go."

"Found her presentation to be very realistic and inspirational. She has a great ability to get and maintain people’s interest. A great public speaker."

"Very much enjoyed her message of communication and teamwork as I believe this is what we are striving towards. I found her to be a very normal person who has achieved great things. I also enjoyed her personal stories as she related them to teaching. I felt comfortable thinking she could be talking about me. A great presentation. I listened to it all!!"